Power of music through the airwaves

Hayley Blakiston, Head of Junior School Music
A driveway rendition for Anzac Day Euan McQualter

Across the world in 2020 we saw communities connect through music; singing across apartment buildings in Spain, joining virtual music ensembles from across the world and singing for our incredible health workers.

It was heartening to see the boys share their music learning at home during distance learning, by sending in photos and videos of them practising, composing and performing, especially Year 3 trumpeter Euan McQualter who performed the Last Post in his driveway for the Anzac Day Dawn Service.

Virtual music lesson Nicholas Galinas

Music can be a stress reliever, 15-20 minutes of making or listening to music daily is all you need to relax and reset. It is also a great motivator to get moving, exercising and dancing. Lockdown in Victoria provided the perfect opportunity for our musicians to get practising and share their music, by performing for a friend or grandparents through Zoom.

Virtual lunchtime concert (L) Luke Lawrence, (R) Evan Raglin

Our boys are fortunate to be immersed in so much music at BGS, through classroom music, instrumental lessons or co-curricular opportunities. Their creative expression had real personal, social development and wellbeing benefits during last year’s challenging and uncertain times.

Even though we were communicating through a different platform, music was never more important. It gave the boys a common purpose, while connecting our community during a time when we were physically distanced.

Indigenous connections

In 2020, there was much happening in our indigenous program.


Staying connected through music

Music brings the BGS community together with We Belong.


A year of firsts

Key school events transitioned online in 2020.