A year of firsts

Parent sessions went online Mother's Day Webinar

2020 was a year of many firsts for Brighton Grammar, admittedly the global pandemic had a say in things.

Despite the postponement or rescheduling of some activities, the year had its upsides with new approaches to traditional school events.

Students and staff transitioned from on-site to Distance Learning, it was the first time the School livestreamed major events to students and the BGS community, including Speech Nights, the Valedictory Assembly and Beating of the Bounds, and Chapel services and assemblies.

Entire events were re-thought successfully, including Mother’s Day and Remembrance Day services, parent group social functions, parent education workshops and Outdoor Education journeys.

Parent student discussions and staff meetings were conducted virtually, while operationally, many of the staff worked from home.

BGS teachers led the way in the transition process and, in keeping with the profession’s reputation for innovation and adaptability, they developed or finetuned their skills and experience to ensure the best online experience for students and parents.

Night time scenes from a virtual (backyard) experience Outdoor Education

Staying connected through music

Music brings the BGS community together with We Belong.


The importance of social connections

Staying connected was important for all during lockdown.


Virtual reunions

BGS reunions went online in 2020.