Alumni Manager report

Kate Birrell, Alumni & Community Manager

The year 2020 was challenging in many ways, but provided a great opportunity to shift our focus.

Early in the year, we launched the OBGS Business Directory, an exclusive directory for Old Boy businesses that sits on our private platform, OBGS Global Connect, and Old Boys can benefit from exclusive offers.

We also launched a mobile app to complement the platform, putting all the features of the website including photo galleries, the business directory, the news feed and more in the palm of your hand.

We coupled the directory with the social media campaign #buyfromtheoldboys. This campaign promotes Old Boy businesses to all of our social media followers across multiple channels. Initially aimed at supporting Old Boy businesses impacted by the pandemic, the initiative will continue to support our Old Boy community into the future.

The 20, 30, 40 and 50 year reunions went online to Zoom, and, despite not having quite the same turnout, the quality of connection between the attendees was extraordinary.

The Old Boys’ Letter Club was also born to connect our ‘over 75’ Old Boys with current students. It was very well received during the isolation of lockdown, great writing practice for the boys, and a window into the history of their school!

Human beings are wired for connection and 2020 reminded us how important that is. Kate Birrell, Alumni & Community Manager

Our biggest event for the year featured an expert panel of six Old Boys who discussed the impact of Covid-19, good, bad and transformative on various industries both locally and globally. Participants gave it a 9 out of 10!

This event was a sure example of the positive to come out of the pandemic – the panel dialled in from around the world and in doing so have made the possibilities for future industry events limitless!

Our second industry event focussed on Male Mental Health. Once again, an expert panel generously shared their knowledge and personal experiences. They gave insight into the incredible, award-winning wellbeing program at BGS, and a great discussion about the challenges that men face.

And finally, after three online ‘lunches’, the Top Enders finally got to be together in person and it was a great way to end the year.

Human beings are wired for connection and this year has reminded us how important that is. The OBGS takes great pride in keeping our 12,000 members connected in a myriad of ways to benefit each and every Old Boy of the School.


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