BGS Generations

The four: Julian Augustini (OB 1987), Mitchell Augustini, Luca Jarvis, Hayden Jarvis (OB 1987)

Robert Rofe, Headmaster from 1966-1995, wrote: “The greatest compliment that an Old Boy can pay his School is to enrol his son in his own School.” 

Currently there are 163 boys whose fathers and/or grandfathers attended BGS; of these, 31 boys are third generation BGS boys and one boy, Thomas Leaman (Year 1), is a fourth generation BGS boy. Thomas’s Great Great Grandfather, Alan MacGlashan entered BGS at Year 7 in 1907 and graduated Year 12 in 1913.                                                                      

In 2020, the Headmaster presented our Year 12 Generation boys with their BGS Generation Certificates signed by the Headmaster and the President of the OBGS.

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Our Year 12 second generation BGS boys were Mitchell Augustine, Dexter Dowd, Kip Gibney, Max McLachlan, Benjamin Morgan, and Matthew Ross; whilst Archie Jackson, Luca Jarvis, Ethan Lovett, Ben Paynter, Campbell Sedgwick and Joshua Tate were three generations BGS boys. 

The Paynters – A BGS Generations family

Sam Paynter (OB 1986) reflects on being a BGS Generations family.


Virtual reunions

BGS reunions went online in 2020.


2021 Reunions

Reunions are back!