From a previous edition of Meliora Sequamur

A number of teaching staff were recognised with Tier 1 Reward and Recognition Awards at the end of the 2019 school year.

These teachers were nominated by fellow staff members, for going above and beyond in their roles and for living the School’s values of respect, passion, accountability and integrity.

Meg Adem is Head of Hancock House in the Secondary School, leader of the staff culture team and Head of Year 12 Psychology. Meg received a Tier 1 award for her exceptional commitment to the research, collation and delivery of findings and recommendations to the School’s

Senior Executive team from the Staff Culture Audit, and her work with students and staff as Head of House and Teacher in Charge of Athletics.

Dean Bryan is Deputy Head of Junior School and would be a familiar face to many parents and past students. Dean was presented with his Tier 1 Award for his exceptional commitment to the Junior School, the leadership he provides to all members of staff, the high standards that he sets for himself, and being an excellent role model for students.

Bryn Humberstone is Head of the Mathematics Faculty in the Secondary School and leads a team of expert teachers to promote Mathematics. Since he joined the School in 2018, Bryn has worked to place the focus on Maths, setting exceptionally high standards with a positive impact on staff and students.

For this, and his work in creating first-class data analytics and processes, Bryn was a Tier 1 award winner.

Olivia Tims joined the School in 2002 and is based in the Junior School as a Psychologist and Head of Counselling Services, leading the team of School Student Counsellors. She received her Tier 1 award for her amazing support to students, parents, and staff alike, providing strategies that enable problems to be managed in an age-appropriate, collaborative manner, demonstrating compassion and empathy.

Alan Wilkes is Mathematics Coordinator for Years 10-12. Alan’s efforts in providing informal mentoring and coaching support to Maths students, often in his own time, and in improving the Year 12 Maths Methods program earned him a Tier 1 award. Alan was nominated multiple times by his fellow staff members, and was also recognised for his work in promoting a collaborative working environment.

Two staff teams were also recognised – the Junior School Data team of Joanne Davies, Patrick Sanders, Sam Kuring and David Eggleston for their work mapping the boys’ learning journeys and the wonderful ongoing work of the Grounds and Maintenance team of Blake Andrighetto, Dwi Ariantono, Jared Bryar, Ray Czekajlo, Matt Coulton, Mark Harrison, Doug McKelvie, Danny Picar and Adam Thorn.

A number of staff also received Tier 2 and Tier 3 awards for their efforts throughout the year.

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