Meliora Sequamur Autumn 2020

At Brighton Grammar, we know that teachers play an essential role in the academic success of all the boys they teach.

Now, a recent study by The University of Melbourne, commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, has found the top 10 characteristics that effective teachers all share.

• High self-worth
• Ability to think creatively and critically
• Social and emotional learning competence
• Effective communication skills
• High expectations of students
• Motivation
• Cultural competence
• Positive attitude
• Self-reflection
• Collegiality

Helping teachers to develop their expertise and professional practice has been the focus of the Crowther Centre in recent years.

The School has adopted the Effective Learner Model approach to teaching and learning

(L) The Educator Rising Star Award recipient Katie White, (R) The BGS Effective Learner Model

which encompasses the PROSPER framework focusing on positive education. This model is used in classes and groups from ELC to VCE, to help the boys to engage in their studies and prepare for purposeful lives.

Teaching staff have a playbook of research-informed, high impact strategies that support student learning. Teachers continually practise these strategies through coaching and the use of video, similar to any other high performance profession.

Through professional reading, workshops, coaching and video analysis our teachers continually adapt and improve their professional practice.

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