The keys to success!

As part of the newly refurbished and very impressive GBR Hall, a grand piano will now hold pride of place to be enjoyed for generations to come at BGS.

Supported by Friends of Music and many other generous members of the BGS community all 88 keys (and stool and foot pedals) were sold as a fundraiser to purchase the grand piano. Thanks to all those in our community who supported our Friends of Music piano key fundraiser.

Friends of Music at BGS is an active and inclusive parent group supporting the boys and staff associated with the Music Faculty.

Supporting the local community

We are very fortunate to be part of such a philanthropic community and during 2019 one example of this was Tom Xu (Year 12). Tom obtained PPE and sanitising supplies for several months and generously donated them to Aged Care facilities and within the local community, in the name of BGS. Tom also brought in 200 disposable masks (the maximum he had been able to purchase at that time) for any student who might need one.

That we have 27 Major Sponsors of BGS?

Indigenous Scholarship Update

In 2018, 394 generous members of the BGS community supported our first means-tested Indigenous Scholarship.

Commencing in Year 5, in 2019, the recipient has continued to settle in at BGS. He adapted really well to distance learning and established a routine quickly to learn and engage with the use of technology.  A positive to distance learning was that he did not have to ride his bike to school in winter nor did he have to wear full School uniform! As restrictions eased, he was eager to return to BGS to see all his friends.

Thank you to all members of the community who generously supported this life changing scholarship. You have indeed helped to bring a dream to life for this boy.


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