The Sequamur Society – securing our future


After 10 years, it was time to update our Bequest Booklet.


Much has occurred at BGS over the past 10 years which is reflected in the revision of this very important publication. Bequests are the most effective philanthropic means in ensuring that our boys will enjoy a first-class education in the future.


The revision process took place over a six-month period. Initially, there was an analysis of our BGS Community along with a detailed examination of our present Bequest Program.  One consequence of this was to emphasise the importance that the Headmaster places on bequests in sustaining a quality education for our boys in the future.

A review of several like-schools’ publications followed whilst at the same time maintaining an awareness of the special nature of our BGS Community.

A Draft Booklet was put together featuring: the Headmaster’s affirmation of the role of bequests; testimonials from four of our scholarship recipients; examples of the contribution that bequests have made to our building programs; bequest alternatives and the establishment of endowments; the role of the Sequamur Society with endorsements from six of our members; and, an extensive list of frequently asked questions.


The Draft Booklet was then sent to 35 members of our community for their critical appraisal. 34 replies were received with well over 100 suggestions, most positive and others not, but all very much appreciated. Not all suggestions were implemented but many were which has enhanced our publication. Then followed several revisions from ideas forwarded by members of the Development Office. This final booklet is a ‘living document’ and will be constantly reviewed.


To obtain your copy of our Bequest Booklet, contact our Bequest Manager, Peter Toms either by email or phone:  ; 03) 8591 2274; 0413 607 088.

Our Bequest Website can be access through the BGS website > Give to BGS > Bequests

Peter Toms welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to clarify any issues relating to bequests and particularly the various options available. Every bequest, regardless of the type or amount, is appreciated.


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