During my years at BGS 1953-59, I was not a good student except for Maths and Woodwork. I realise today that, when I lost the concept of what was being taught, I was inclined to shut down and not follow the lesson. I had little interest in subjects like History and, as I lived in Australia, I couldn’t understand why I needed to learn about Europe. It never occurred to me that I might travel out of Australia, as I had not left Victoria.

I have lived in California since 1968 and have been back to Australia 40 times. I have attended an OBGS reunion and some corporate breakfast programs over the years.  Today I have travelled to many countries; Asia, Japan, South America, various countries in Europe and China.

I have fond memories of the School and some years back when I visited the new Urwin Centre for Learning, I was amazed at how the School’s teaching processes had advanced. The classroom featured various seating arrangements and it was explained how the teachers tailor their teaching methods based on the students’ needs.

I said to myself WOW; no doubt, I would do far better today! When I review the School Magazine and see all the programs offered from sports to travel and the many exposures available for students today, it makes me want to go back to school and start over.

This is my reason for donating to the School.

John Yelland (OB1959)
Chairman’s Circle Member


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