Sam Wyss, BGS Rowing

The Barwon Regatta on 23 January was a great day for all involved. With it being the first regatta where both Cooper Club (Years 11 and 12) and Skelton Club (Year 10) were involved, the supporters’ marquees were up and the boys rowed through the finish line with the cheering of those who came down to watch. The true regatta atmosphere was back after it being gone for so long due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The First VIII won the A Final, taking home the Frank Covill Cup for the first time in Brighton Grammar’s history. The Second VIII comfortably won the B Final with a time which would have placed themselves in a very neat position in their A final, and the Third VIII also won the B Final. It was Year 10s first race in the eight and both the 10As and 10Bs had great results both placing third in the A Final. Overall, it was a great day racing for the Brighton Grammar Boat Club.

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