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Dux of 2020, Jaikob Akinci, received a perfect score of 99.95, one of only 38 students in the state to achieve this.

Fourteen students (10%) achieved an ATAR of 99 or above, while six students attained perfect Study Scores of 50.

Jaikob at the Scholars Assembly with Headmaster Ross Featherston.

A total of 43 students (29%) scored ATARs of 95 and above, while 71 students (49%) achieved ATARs of 90 and above.

The Class of 2020 recorded a median ATAR of 87.95 and the median study score was 35, placing the school in the top tier for academic results.

Top Scholars are recognised this year.

“All in the BGS community are proud of the efforts of our students who completed their VCE journey in a year of disruption and uncertainty,” Ross Featherston said.

“Their commitment to their studies, and the remarkable strength, good humour and resilience they showed during the year, will stand them in good stead to embrace the future with confidence.”

Proud parents look over the Wall of Scholars in the Hancock Wing, designed to showcase the achievements to other students.

Mr Featherston said the exceptional academic results reflected the strong three-cornered partnership that exists between students, parents and the School and staff who all worked together to ensure every boy achieved his best in 2020.

“As an open entry school, it shows that our school-wide Effective Learner Model, which uses evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, is working, both in the classroom and at home during distance learning.”

‘It is also testament to our focus on whole-student development and wellbeing, promoting healthy, balanced minds and habits for our students.”

“I wish the Class of 2020 well and look forward to welcoming them back to BGS this year and beyond, as part of our young Old Boys’ mentoring, coaching and past scholars’ programs.”

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