A year of support and connection

Maggie Lynch OAM

When school resumed in late January 2020, I was filled with optimism for the year and our group celebrated with our first combined BGS/ Firbank International Parents’ Support Group at a well attended morning tea in the Wellbeing Centre.

Unfortunately, the shadow of Covid-19 spread and our original plans had to be put on hold indefinitely.

However, thanks to modern technology and newly acquired IT skills, we stayed connected and supported each other throughout a strange sometimes stressful year.

Free weekly English classes continued with the St Andrew’s Community Group. There were regular Zoom catch ups, virtual morning teas and the Book Club still communicated and discussed interesting topical books.

Kei Tanabe, the 2020 exchange student from Japan, unfortunately missed so many usual experiences of a year away. He, like all our students, had to adjust to “school online.’

I would particularly like to thank Christian Paice (Year 10) and his family who have very kindly hosted and given amazing support to Kei during his stay in Australia.

For the past five years, Mrs Chun Liu (mother of Steven Year 12) has given an extraordinary amount of time and support to the entire IPSG community and me.

Through her skills and quiet efficient manner, she has made a great contribution to BGS. We will miss her greatly when she returns to her homeland and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Life is uncertain, but I feel confident we will rebuild in 2021 and hopefully join again together once again.

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