Christian Neeson, Director of Co-Curriculum

Since being planted in 1931, our Oak has been at the centre of the BGS Quad. During Distance Learning, it continued to play a major part in the boys’ lives.

Distance Learning would create many opportunities, some boys and staff revelled in the ability to work from home, but others knew they would struggle. It provided challenges to musicians, debaters, thespians and sportsmen alike, but our Oak continued to be the source from which to draw inspiration.

It has sheltered us through squalling winds and blistering sun, creating a place to seek refuge, relate and rejoice. It would be the corridor conversations, coaching, mentoring, days on the sports field or the stage with our mates that we would miss most. To Make it Count we needed a tree to stand together as one. Our Oak, through the efforts of staff, parents and students went virtual.

From a balance of passions derived around our four archetypes: Sage, Carer, Warrior and Wizard, we created a virtual Oak with the help of our wonderful staff. Our archetypes and their essentials: being, caring, playing and learning, gave us context and their impact on this initiative cannot be understated. Our boys and staff understand these are the ways we can be and created more than 50 options for the boys to be a part of over the year.

The Oak as a sapling, in front of the Tower Wing.

From ‘Growing inside outside’ a place to find something to do in your backyard, to script writing workshops, poetry clubs and Wednesday Warriors – our online gaming competition. Our Oak became our shelter, a place still to discuss the issues of the day, to relate and rejoice.

House STRAVA involved more 350 boys competing against each other with their one hour of exercise a day. House Chess and Music were both held online and even a few interschool competitions were held under the Oak.

No tree will hold without firm ground, and for this we thank our amazing staff for their creativity, engagement and passion to continue to deliver a broad range of experiences for all our boys. We grow from them and with them, but they will always be under you boys pushing you towards the stars.

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