The power of bequests

Peter Toms, Bequests Manager

Bequests have the power to not only transform the lives of future BGS scholarship boys, but also to enrich the diversity of the School.

You can find out more by visiting the Bequest page on the School’s website or reading our updated Bequest booklet, available from the Development Office.

There are details relating to endowments and our honoured Sequamur Society, as well as answers to our most often asked questions.

Including BGS in your Will, no matter the form or amount, is your most powerful means of securing our School’s future. To discuss any matters relating to bequests, please contact Peter Toms at the Development Office (03) 8591 2274 or by email.

Giving thanks to benefactors

Our Benefactors Service acknowledges the generosity and commitment of Old Boys


Why I give to BGS

Old Boy gives back to BGS.


Private: Old Boy remembers BGS

An appreciated bequest from an Old Boy.