The importance of social connections

Olivia Tims, Head of Psychological Services/Junior School Psychologist
Junior School RUOK themed class on Zoom

When COVID-19 sent schools into distance learning mode, the School Psychologists quickly moved to provide their services remotely and Zoom counselling sessions became the ‘new norm’.

Fostering resilience and supporting the boys’ social, emotional and psychological wellbeing as they navigated the new experience of online learning was our priority. The goal was to ensure the students remained socially connected, engaged and focused on what they could control, whilst at the same time, equipping them with skills to manage heightened levels of anxiety, stress and uncertainty.

An emphasis was also placed on supporting the boys in establishing new routines so they could make a healthy transition back to school and face-to-face learning.

Even though events, such as R U OK? Day, were held virtually in 2020, they still provided an ideal opportunity and timely reminders about prioritising mental health and the importance of boys reaching out and checking in with their friends.

A year of support and connection

In 2020, the ISPG connected and supported each other.


Staying connected through music

Music brings the BGS community together with We Belong.


Indigenous connections

In 2020, there was much happening in our indigenous program.