BGS boys support Eat Up

Anna Ladas, Director of Service
Year 7-12 boys on the sandwich production line

Brighton Grammar students have a strong sense of community service and recently lent a hand for a great social enterprise.

A large group of volunteers from Years 7-12 gathered after school in the Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall to make 1,200 cheese sandwiches for Eat Up Australia.

With 10.9% of Australian children living in poverty, our students made a real difference and felt good doing it! Anna Ladas

In just under 50 minutes, these eager boys produced sandwiches which were then delivered to students in Bendigo and Ballarat who would otherwise go without lunch.

Boys preparing sandwiches in Robert Sanderson Centenary Hall

Eat Up Australia has delivered over 850,000 sandwiches to children in need since it was launched in 2013.

When leaving the school gates on that afternoon, I was just that little bit prouder than when I arrived that morning.

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